An ancient variety of Landrace Afgani. early maturation. Immunity to mold and disease. Fragrant

An ancient variety of Landrace Afgani. More of an Indian type. Armat is sweetish, spicy, indica, but there are phenotypes with a more pungent smell. Fragrant, unlike modern hybrids) which may have almost no smell.
Height with standard care is about 2 meters. In the photo it is so small, because it was sown even without digging. Because he knew the possibilities of the variety. Will be corrected. Unlike all the others this year, for all other varieties, the soil was carefully dug up.
Unpretentious, almost complete immunity to mold and disease. In unfavorable years, on hundreds of plants, you can only notice mold on one.

Photos were taken on 09/03/22. The photo shows frost damage to large leaves. Our harsh mountains already had frostbite. In such conditions, only such landraces can improve)
Early, ripening in late summer early autumn. What is in the photo - it was sown late in early June. With early sowing under a shovel, the bushes will be large with large dense buds.

The photo shows that this is an Afghan landrace, small trichomes and a thick layer, the tips of the cones are reddish.


Really nice pictures and updates. But some of the pictures I see lots of hairs and seeds? But most of the buds look great.


Here are all sorts of field dandelions. It’s all natural))


That’s other weed seeds stuck to the buds Chris. AKA camouflage lol



Almost looks like possible spider mites to me. Hope not but looks more than just hair to me. If that’s hair u have the bigfoot dancing close bear hugging the shit out of ur plants. Lol. They r nice looking buds tho.