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Hello everyone! I look forward to being part of the forum. Anderson Injectors is a world renowned supplier of dosing pumps and equipment. Our Anderson aqua automated fertigation system eliminates hand watering and allows your growers to spend more time paying attention to your plants. We pride ourselves on customer service and I am happy to be here to provide information and answer questions. Randy Anderson Aqua


Welcome Randy @heainjectors ! Thanks for joining us on Growers Network, it’s great to have you!

What size grow setups would your offerings be able to cater to? Is there a minimum square footage you’d recommend for an automated system like this?



I absolutely love H.E. Anderson equipment, been using their products for over 20 years. Durable, reliable & great support.
Glad you’re here, you’re going to help alot of growers take it to the next level.


Thank you for your business. One of the best parts of my job is hearing positive feedback like this.


From small to large grows we have you covered. Our systems are all modular by design and can be configured to meet almost any need. I have customers with as little as 2 rooms all the way up to several greenhouses with dozens of rooms. The “standard” aqua system can dose nutrients into, pH correct and sanitize your irrigation water from .8gpm - 32gpm. We have custom systems that can work as low as .25gpm and others at hundreds of gallons per minute.

The Anderson aqua is set up to eliminate hand mixing so even on a small scale the labor put into blending all your nutrients into a tank by hand is removed from the equation. This combined with accuracy of injection brings a whole new level of consistency and allows the growers more time doing what they do best…caring for there plants.


Hey Randy!

Always nice to hear about new irrigation technology haha. What would you say sets you apart from your competitors in the fertigation field?


Accuracy over time… We use double diaphragm positive displacement pumps to dose materials into the water stream. This allows for accurate, repeatable injection time after time. Fluctuations in pressure and flow do not degrade our accuracy and there is no need to re-calibrate after rate adjustment.

Low maintenance… Our pumps require no regular maintenance. We only ask that injected materials are flushed from the lines if the unit is to be unused for long periods of time.

Longevity… Our pumps are designed to last a minimum of 15 years with wearable items needing cleaned or replaced every 5-7 years of typical use.

Flexability… Our pumps are capable of injecting all types of nutrients. Organic, Synthetic, Wettable powders, Ready to use liquids, Compost teas, Nematodes, Suspended particles, etc. If you can produce it as a liquid; we can inject it.

Service… All Anderson products are covered by a 15 month limited warranty with LIFETIME support via phone, email, skype.


We sometimes see people who want nutrient injection but are using exceptionally gooey nutrients that cause issues for other fertigation equipment, so it’s good to know there are alternatives that can handle them!