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Angiosperm seed size and its rate of evolution correlate with species diversification

This article is a little more academic in nature, not quite as practical to the day-to-day operations of a cannabis business, but it is one of those things that might be worth knowing. See, every flowering plant out there, including cannabis, is an angiosperm. As a result, this research is related (albeit tangentially) to cannabis.

The general gist of the paper is this – rates at which the seeds of angiosperms (including cannabis) change also correlates with the species’ ability to diversify and occupy new niches and create new species. A good follow up that would be more relevant to you guys would be how quickly cannabis seeds in particular respond to changes.


Hunter, look at there references, nothing from before 2000! Did they do no lit review? I hope this was just a publish or perish article. There where a lot of papers in the twentieth century arguing the exact same thing.


They actually referenced a few papers from before 2000, although only one before the 90s. These ones popped to mind when I looked at them.


I have a cousin who is a retired game developer, he started in board game design and then early computer games. His degree work is all in higher mathematics and sociology. BS, MS and PHD.

He did a bunch of game therory work this past year with PEW on behavior of people in there voting preferences. The work was presented at one of the big game developer conferences.

He wanted me to use game therory in biological modeling of pests.


Game theory actually explains a lot of both the mutalistic and antagonistic behaviors we see in nature. It also explains how altruistic behavior could emerge in survival of the fittest scenarios.