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Anion Trifecta

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This is Trifecta, our flagship model for our BHO/PHO product line.

We spent over 2yrs of R&D on this design to produce a hydrocarbon extraction system for the masses and incorporate ever feature imaginable. With 120lb/ 8hr shift capacity (on BHO, more with PHO), certified sight glasses included, dewaxing included, and a 100lb ASME (U-stamped) jacketed pressure vessel included!
Here’s a little pitch about our system and the features it has:

Sizeable Columns
Each of the top columns is sizeable. There is a 2lb colum, a 3lb column, or combined to make a 5lb (15L) column (pictured). This gives the user the ability to run full 5lb columns for high volume production runs, or smaller easier to manage columns for artisanal batches.

Inline Sight Glass
The first/only system produced with a certified inline sight glass to help keep any eye on production. Many customers have found this to be one of the most integral parts of the system. Many have found extra yield by soaking longer just from the clarity visible in the sight glass.

Dewaxing Column
Dewaxing is included as a standard feature! Many customers choose not to utilize it, especially with high volume runs, but the option is always there. This gives the user more flexibility on the system itself. Looking for high volume crude or high quality refined, this does both!

Dewax column is packed with (washable) SS ball bearings and is chilled though the outer jacket via lab chiller. Humidity, waxes, etc are frozen and get stuck to the ball bearings filtering out the final product. With a proper dewaxing there is no need for additional winterization steps after the extraction process.

Before any of the solvent vapor can enter the recovery pump it is filtered through a 10 micron SS filter element. This not only helps keep contaminates out of your solvent, it keeps the pumps clean and running debris free! Industry wide we hear rebuild times on recovery pumps from 2-8 weeks, with the Trifecta’s filtration system we’re seeing rebuilds ~1yr mark. This means more run time, less down time, and more more on the bottom line. And…they’re completely washable/reusable!

Twin Anion Goliath Pumps
Trifecta features TWO pneumatic recovery pumps. Not only does this cut down recovery times, it prevents cross contamination between columns. Each of the pumps can be assigned to any of the columns at any time, completely independent of the other pump.

In addition to that, these pumps are able to pull vacuum! This means you don’t need another vacuum pump to start the process when vacuuming down the system. This also plays a significant roll in the recovery process. Because they are so robust they will eliminate the head pressure during the recovery process, if there is no evaporated solvent to recover, recovery ceases. However, these pumps will actually pull a vacuum lowering the boiling point of the solvent allowing for it to be recovered faster without increasing the temperatures of the collection vessel!

Jacketed Collection Vessel
The jacketed collection vessel allows for a lab heater to control the temperature of the extraction process. Heating up the jacket will cause the solvents to boil off faster, recovering faster. This is great, except too much heat allows for boiling off of terpenes and damaging the extract. The very base of the collection vessel is not jacketed. This allows for higher initial temps that will decrease towards the end of the extraction process where the concentrated product resides. This gives the user the ability to recover faster using higher temps, without damaging the product.

Here is a sample from one of our customers recovering with 120*+ set point on the heater:
Note: 120 will not actually achieve a full 120* to the product because it is surrounded by solvent that is constantly boiling chilling itself back down.

Detachable Base/Lid
The bottom jacketed portion of the collection vessel is detachable, and features a completely flat bottom. This makes cleaning/emptying a breeze! Users won’t have to “spoon” the product out leaving waste behind. Also, this presents much less agitation on the product and limits the aeration.


100lb SS Jacketed ASME Pressure Vessel
With a system this nice we had to include a pressure vessel that was also up to par! This 100lb ASME U-stamped pressure vessel includes an external jacket and an internal cooling coil. This way solvent is cooled from the inside out and the outside in. Standard 6" removable tri-clamp lid for cleaning, which is made easy with the sanitary polish! A sight glass to keep an eye on the fluid level, and even an extra port for nitrogen assist. We even designed it with wheel casters built in! Many jurisdictions (CO) require that the trans-filling be done outside. We noticed with many of the artists we studied they were not doing this because it required disassembly of the unit, or was just too hard. So we made it easier! Just tip the pressure vessel as if it were on a wheel dolly and drive it around! We quite literally thought of everything…

The Best Part!
By far the best part of this system is the process it was designed around. Three columns with two pumps give us the ability to run in a round-robin format. Majority of the processing time with extractions is spent during the recovery process…waiting… But with the Trifecta once one column is in the recovery process, you start on the next, and then the next. By the time the 3rd column is ready for recovery, the first column is done. And by the time the user cleans and re-packs the first column the second column is done. Continuous operation with no down time.
And since each of the process is separate, you can run 3 different strains at the same time! That 120lbs a day can be upto 24 different strains! We’ve found that there are many more growers than extraction artists. This means extractors will most likely be processing not only their own growth, but that from other growers. You can’t just mix everything together in one batch and run it, everything much be kept segregated without any cross contamination. Having huge capacity is great, but combining that with versatility is even better! :wink:

If you have any questions or would like some more information please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message or check out our site,