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Annual GN Secret Santa

I know we are a little early. But last year I was way behind on announcing the SS program here on GN.
I would like to host it again this year the same way as last year. This post is to see if we have any interest from this year’s active members.

( Some people can’t post due to GN restrictions, so DM me and I will post your interest in joining the GNSS2020)

When we get into mid December we will post a elfster link for all to enter.

Please if you enter. Send a gift to the person you pull. Also follow GN guide lines for this event. Don’t leave a fellow member hanging for Christmas.

I’m sure someone from the GN office will drop in and help out with this as they have in the past.

This is just a quick note of things to come. I love to create content for you guys.


Had messaged me and I in


Had messaged me and said he is in

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Ladithief is in

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Please guys if you can post. Do so here. Just cuts down on extra work for me. Also helps GN Gage interest


I participated last year. Very fun!! I’m in.


Welcome back

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