Another Canadian Medical Grower caught with Myclobutanil


This seems to be a pretty regular issue now… If they can’t manage 43 licensed producers nationally, with legalization and hundreds, potentially thousands of producers emerging the issues coming out of that will be a shitshow…



Ouch that’s not good. Hopefully they’ll decide to do the recall.



Canadian regulators impose zero consequences on LP’s who put the public at risk, other than to tell them not to do it again. The public also has no recourse when they purchase an inferior product - my 83 year old Mother purchased 30g from Mettrum which was full of seeds. That was at the time Mettrum was caught hiding Myclobutanil in ceiling tiles to keep it away from the eyes of Health Canada. Because the weed should have never hit any commercial market past the mid 1970’s, and because the producer was using a pesticide than gives of cyanide gas when heated, my Mom threw it out. Mettrum would only give her half her money back, so I took it to the Better Business Bureau who refused to deal with it and said that I had to go through Health Canada. When I took it to Health Canada they said we had to go through Mettrum. The Canadian system is a joke where producers can get away with poisoning people and the people who buy their garbage have zero protection



curious to know the environment. That is a old fruiting fungicide . older AI

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They don’t even get fined??



ZERO fines. The Canadian system is set up to 100% favor producers with no protection whatsoever for the consumer. Even if, like Mettrum, you are exposed as having deliberately cheated nothing happens. Follow the money and government connections to figure out why that may be. This is what happens when companies with billion dollar market caps meet incompetent and underpaid regulators. Organigram and Hydropothecary have just thrown up their hands and said they can’t imagine where the myclobutanil could have some from. By not imposing sanctions on companies who are poisoning the Canadian public with cyanide gas, they are destroying the public’s trust in licensed producers. Why purchase from these characters when you can buy from your buddy whom you trust for 70% of the cost?



Myclobutanil is bad stuff, no doubt, but it is worth noting that cyanide is produced whenever cannabis is burned…pesticides or no pesticides.



Is it produced in enough proportion to do anything?



^ This study says that there’s more hydrogen cyanide produced from the combustion of cannabis than tobacco.

In terms of how much hydrogen cyanide compared to cannabis with myclobutanil on it, I don’t know. I actually posed this question to Frank Conrad, who is the one to discover the issue here as it relates to consumed cannabis products.



Frank’s work on the matter for reference.



with so many new active ingredients and techniques this shows that the facilities are not up to date with the market and chemicals in the market. so many low usage rates and safe materials available instead of mycobutanil

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I believe that initially part of this was done out of ignorance. There is a source that growers should check out. You can look up labels and MSDS’ s for a tremendous number of commercially available pesticides/fungicides/fertilizers. Unfortunately at this point there just aren’t many materials (if at all) labels for cannabis.

Although it is additional expense and hassle for growers to become licensed here in Cali, The industry MUST take consumer safety very seriously. I believe we as a industry, should embrace the testing of all cannabis sold for sale in the US. Ultimately it will eliminate a lot of illegal cannabis coming into this country along with unethical growers that really don’t give a damn!

If US growers adopt these strict quality control measures and Canada doesn’t…so be it. As Cannabis becomes legalized and a world commodity, we will master the market JMHO



This shows the inexperience in “ master growers “ and the canna industry. Anyone who has been in Ag of any kind and if they know a tiny bit about pesticides should know mycobutanil is old old old active ingredient for fungus. So many other safe low rate pesticides been available for years that there is no excuses. But I’m learning that’s the canna industry. A lot of big uneducated talkers who are the bosses at these billion dollar facilities. It’s a joke and they should be embarrassed



Inspect for paclobutrazol too. That seems to be popular with these types. I think they should be forced to drink a 12oz bottle of Eagle 20, and to be fair, diluted to application rate.

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Great suggestion! The same grower who is buying Eagle 20 probably has a copious quantity of paclobutrazol stashed around the grow! Time to wise up and stop using this poison, fellow growers!

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