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Another Fresh Frozen Lemon Kush Diamond Run

Here is another fresh frozen run of Humboldt Seed CO’s Lemon Kush
Solvent was a propane/n-butane split.
Solvent ran at -100 F with dry/iso coil
Jar up for diamonds 2 days
Separate the diamonds from terps
Vac at 85F for 48 hours


Killer man how do u keep the solvent from freezing ? When I do live resin extracts with dry ice (-70c ) it freezes and no longer flows so I only chill till it starts to thicken and even then it’s super slow flowing but oh the terps!! You will have to give me some pointers when I buy some more equipment;)


I use a closed loop with a CRC filter setup. Solvent starts at -60 from freezer then through ss coil immersed in dry ice/99% isopropyl alcohol. I don’t have a thermometer that goes that low but people have told me that with dry ice 99%iso temp could reach -110F.

I vac the system and let some solvent into the recovery tank to build pressure for the recovery machine.

I open the vapor port on my hot solvent tank (Sometimes if it’s cold outside I place a propane heater jacket on) connected to the vapor port on cold solvent tank to build pressure.

Open cold solvent liquid port and start flowing to immersed coil then up to top of column.

I close the valve below the biomass column CRC and soak for 15 minutes.

After soak I adjust outlet ball valve to control flow to get the color I’m shooting for.

Recover solvent through sieve to the recovery machine suction port.

The discharge goes back to liquid port on hot solvent tank.

This picture was during recovery.
Does my rambling make sense?


Sure does man I can’t wait to get a set up like that do h know what the start up cost I cluding the fuel cells costs. And I believe it gets that cold that’s how I winterize it’s super cold with the iso bubbling away so fast the energy has to go somewhere;)


so I bought the original setup just the column, recovery tank, and coule of ss hoses. $1000
I have added the larger jacketed recovery tank as I plan to up size my runs in the future. $400
Recovery machine-I had from work (Refrigeration Guy) Approx. $700
Recovery tanks $100 each
SS coil amazon $65
CRC set up $600-Nice custom american made
Sieve $200
Misc parts. $400-instant hot water heater, tubing, water pump etc.
70/30 pro/butane solvent 22# around $200

I’d say maybe $3,600ish and you could have a 1-2 pound setup.


Sweet that’s not too bad at all;)


Looks legit as fuck but only thing that gets me is the butane… Sorry everyone had too its lighter fluid


Everyone has room here for their options


I love winterized bho/pho or just make dryice hash and do alcohol extraction w dryice and filter w dryice right in there.bam super clean oil;) like shattar if u vac it off for a day or two


Evaporate for a day on a heat pad first so u don’t ruin vac chamber lid tho lexan cracks when in contact w alcohol vapor

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