Another newbie question

Because i dont know what im actually growing except that it is indeed a cannabis plant ( duhhh) is the only way to tell if its auto or photo is to flip it into the cycle? Or do you let nature do its thing? And because i dont know jack about topping and lst im scared to mess around with it. I know im way off that part yet. But the more i read and learn its getting a bit confusing. And this being my very first plant and ive sort of bonded with the little thing … should i be happy with the size colour and growth for a month and a half ?? I have no idea what the benchmark is??


An auto will flip (i.e. begin pistillate growth) when it’s ready, and in a smaller pot like that even a long vegging auto would have likely shown sex by a month an a half. I wouldn’t worry with topping or LST, it has an open enough structure to not need it.

The benchmark is different based on genetics and grower. You should be proud to have a healthy plant and growing your own stash :+1: get a couple runs seed (or clone) to harvest and then worry about benchmarking your plants against others to improve your skills growmie :v::green_heart::potted_plant:


Lol well said @jaxsonl5
yes practice a bit. Because when everyone is growing excellent looking ppants its easy to be discouraged. But you have to remember some people have been growing for years and it takes time and lots practice. See people have this mentap picture of how the grow is going to be. They get some seeds and get excited things dont work out. They get bugs or overwater or get the nutrients right and kill it. It takes time to grow plants properly and there are lots of ways to screw it up. This is where real growers emerge and stick with it because they love it and others just fade out and give up. If you stick around and learn we can help out immensely! So far so good. Also if you have any questions hit the little magnifying glass in the top right corner and search there first before making a new thread for a question. Because if we give you some helpful information and say nobody reads them. Then the thread goes dormant and gets erased. Lots of folks here have already asked the questions and made threads. So please search before making more threads. You should probably make the name of this thread “my first grow” or something like that and keep it all in this thread so we can see it and respond. Everytime there is a post it goes to the top of the threads and people will see this and respond to the thread and questions. And if you put the @ symbol before somebodys name it sends them a little notice to respond. We will help if we can.


As a relatively new grower I’ll suggest going through the journals, picking out a couple that seem about right for you, based their result, your environment (Florida or Alaska, indoor or outdoors), your style (gardener or scientist) and do what they do. If it isn’t obvious why they do it just ask. I may hold the record for “doh” (insert self face-slap emoji) questions.

We have the opportunity to get better faster than any generation of growers because of the accumulated experience and expertise right here on GN, “we stand on the shoulders of giants” LOL (unpaid public service announcement)


I stopped for 6 months after my first couple attempts germinating seeds (couldn’t get past the sprout stage) to just read and learn from the forums before starting again. Game changer :100:

:100: It’s a pretty big investment IMO to grow, your happiness really has to come from the journey rather than the expectation.

Again :100: when I see new members post a bunch different threads (not pointed at you @dangerdave, just in general) I check out. From what I’ve seen those users always come in hot, get the info, and then never seen again…so why waste my time responding?

:100: @PreyBird1 Pink Runtz journal brought me to GN, I was burning through seeds and couldn’t get past the sprout stage. Took time to read and learn, first grow…finally got past the sprout stage!…after starting up again


I apologise to everyone that seemed upset with my posts? I was just trying to learn and share the experience and journey. I wont bother this group again. .


Man I went through your threads and haven’t seen anyone get upset with your posts, apologies if we came off as upset mate but that ain’t at all where we were going. All we said in this thread was try to centralize your posts/questions into a single thread of yours rather than creating a new thread for every Q…it gets too hard to track a user’s questions when they make a new thread for every one. Cheers and enjoy the journey :v::green_heart::potted_plant:


Now thats NOT what we want at all. If i came off harsh thats not what i was saying at all. So then IM SORRY. In no way was i upset by your post. But we need to be able to follow along with what your plants are doing and keeping it in a single place like a journal makes it easy for you get quick help and better diagnosis if you get any issues. I thought i was giving ya a few good tips on how to get some help. But looks like that didnt work out all :man_facepalming:so i hope you’ll be back here soon.
We always love having new growers and member here! All i can say is im embarrassed if i upset you. :confounded: @dangerdave