Any good green houses

Hey guys j haven’t posted in a while I wanted to ask every one if anyone has seen any good green house ideas I do have some cash and it’s next year’s plan for the lil bit of land I do have . Right now I’m not even doing the legal limit for my wife and I and we want to take full advantage of everything so I was going to see if people could look around and if you see any green house build kits for sale I have a cppl gs I’m lookn for something about 10 x10 x9 so about 6 decent plants


Ill keep an eye out. I need specs myself.

I got my greenhouse off Craigslist for 500$ but they sell it at harbor freight for 899.99$. Now I know the reviews suck but with some self improvements it’s a rock solid green house. I will take some pictures tomorrow if you want. And show some the improvements I made.

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I was gonna say he’s looking lol