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Any good single nutes to have on hand?

I’m using Jack’s 321 which I can use more of or less of to adjust nute needs if necessary. However if I need just a little more nitrogen just for example it seems like adding just nitrogen only would be a better way to go. Jack’s is working great no issues at all. I’m flipping to flower in a couple weeks. IF I should need just a little extra something in particular what would that be? I plan on getting raw silica as the silica I’m using now has other nutes added as well. I’m getting fovic acid for a monthly supplement. Anything else? Hope this makes sense lol. TIA

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If you need just nitrogen, you could just increase part 3 (calcium nitrate) slightly. Or if you want to go organic, you could use blood meal or worm castings.


That being said, I wouldn’t add much more of the cal-nit, if you go that route.

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Just used n as an example. Most brands of nutes have multiple ingredients so if you only need to up one thing just a tad you end up overdosing on everything else that’s in it and can end up with nute burn in other areas. I apologize if I didn’t pose my question better. Using Jack’s 32 and I use epsom as 1 if I need a boost of any specific nute in flower to help promote larger denser buds it seems like it would be better just up that one nute in lieu of adding a multi base nute. If so which if any would be beneficial to have on hand?

I use Mono potassium phosphate, 0-52-34, along with Jack’s A 5-12-26 and Jack’s B 15-0-0. Once you start to mess around outside of the predetermined recipes things can get really bad really quickly; know what you’re doing, back it up with math, then feed it to your plants.

Jack’s A and B together with Epsom as the “3, 2, 1” are great, and work well.

Supplementing with some kind of kelp/seaweed, a bit of humic or fulvic acid, silica, and aminos are great and don’t complicate the nutrition much. Just keep an eye out for hungrier plants.


Makes perfect sense thanks. If a plant is a little more hungry I’m better off feeding it with a tad more of the above providing the math works in lieu of just a single nute then? On another note: I’ve read about upping the feeding and light intensity in flower to force larger buds out. I have more light than I can use in a 4x4 tent without getting light burn. How do I work towards upping the light intensity and get the plants to eat more nutes without any type of burn? Hope I’m making sense.

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