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Any growers looking for great help on farms in california

Looking to join a community in the cannabis industry and willing to invest with all the harvests and everything else

What sort of details and investment you looking for? We have about close to 40 acres we’re doing this year

I’m looking to actually work on the farm and learn everything while at the same time put money forth to help fund everything and build a steady empire

You could rent an acre and be able to grow legally and learn and make money while doing it is that your idea

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That be a great deal of time if you’re living in Cali but I’m from Jersey and I Used to work in farming (VEGE) tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers N Hot peppers in greenhouses and I’m from Aruba(dutch Caribbean).but me and my boss
was thinking definitely Ok N we have a little head bumping to go full organic ja well. Hey that sound great guys take it if you’re living in Cali sounds really awesome Deal​:v:t3::ocean:

Yes he’s definitely in California it’s on its way right now usually want to plant early June

Hello there, I was wondering if you guys have a need for hand trimmers? We are a group of very skilled trimmers that are based in Southern California.

Hey look to learn as well I don’t have much experience but looking to invest , learn while making new friends

Hey I’m down to connect with you

You can email me what do you guys usually charge we may need you [email protected]

Email me [email protected]

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