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Any hemp farmers on the east coast?

Looking to connect directly with hemp farmers located on the east coast that are selling their seeds and clones. Have some questions about your processes and specifics about your customer base/lead flow (again, specifically on east coast).!

If it’s easiest, message me directly or reply with your best contact info and I’ll reach out to you, thank you!!


I know a farm doing all the dirty work. Regular seeds which are started indoors, sexed, then grown for a few more weeks in the greenhouse to provide feminized plants. Strong rooted seedling 12"-24".
Feminized plants are real hemp female stock plants or can be planted directly into the ground.
I think they have delivery as well.
These are not feminized seeds!
We will not waste time and resources with feminized seeds.
Kyle M


The only hemp farm on the East Coast that I know of is Future Farms in Maine. I believe you can buy the seeds online.

Hope this helps.

Link Here