Any ideas as to why she looks so sad


Hi @jonbee

Welcome to GN. The soil looks very wet and the shine on the dark green leaves looks like possibly a nitrogen overload from the soil. I think for starters stop watering the plant so much, the soil is way to wet. Let it dry out a little, put your finger on the sides of the pot about an inch down, once its dry, water again. Please add more detail about your setup.


Our setup is a few grow lights and a tent i pretty much built with reflective plastic… The leaves are looking extra wet because i had just sprayed them… None of my others look like this i also have started them on nutrients and molasses


It will help us try to diagnose your problem If you give us pictures of all of your plants at the same time and separately. Also, if you can give us pictures of your plants before they have been watered and before anything has been sprayed on them. It makes it a lot easier to diagnose what’s going on with the plant when it is the way It normally is rather than right after it’s watered or spray. Just the water on the leaves can hide a lot.:v:t3:


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I agree. Too much water. My plants usually looked like that on there first 2 weeks I use to put them into the dwc bucket. Alotnof water to get use too.


@jonbee Welcome to GN!!! Get ready to learn a whole lot of stuff and make some new friends. I’m pretty sure there are growers in this forum that are actual cannabis plants with an internet connection.


LMAO :rofl: