Any one have experiance with Illumitex PowerHarvest W 565/585 Watts lights

I am in the process of building a 10x5 grow room and I have come across a good deal on these lights. I know they have been shown in the sugar leaf episode . I am thinking 2 for the room . let me know any feedback if any of you have run into them or used them . one thing that is making me consider this light is I have access to it at 1/3 the cost . thanks

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Look into FOHSE… not the cheapest lights but the closest I have seen to harvesting the sun…lol…


Do you know the specifications of the lights? Those lights are offered in various spectrums and input voltages.

At over 1000 PPF per fixture they should each do 5x5 area nicely.


here are the specs on the fixture I can get . I am looking at the model PHW10F3