Any suggestions for a good high yielding cash crop strain?

Anyone have a suggestion for a good Indica high yielding cash crop strain. I get asked that question quite a bit. For hybrids, Bule Dream is a high yielding plant. Bubba Kush has been my choice for Indica for a good while.

Someone told me to try Northern Lights Big Bud Fast. Anyone have any experience with that strain? I’ve never grew autos and not sure I’d want to. The way I’ve got my system set up, I’ll always have plenty of space for clones in my veg room and since I run a perpetual cycle, I’d prefer just sticking with the photosynthesis strains. Anyone know of a good Indica high yielding, fast flowering, big bud strain? If so, fill me in. I could also use a suggestion on where to find the seeds.
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@1bikerparalegal hello, my last experience with Northern Lights #10(90%i /10%s)Regular was very good yielding.

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These yield high. I hope it helps.


Thank you, it’s definitely a good strain for high yields.

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Thanks, What’s the name of this seed bank?

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ILGM they are great with there seeds

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blue dream

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I like blue dream

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Yes, I’ve successfully/satisfactory bought seeds from them on a few occasions; Been a couple of years but that’s where I got the Blue Dream seeds I’m still working with. Last day of final flush. Thanks


I bought seeds from attitude seed bank and I only had 4 plants but pulled 1000.43 g from the 4 plants. 2 plants were dinafem INDUSTRIAL PLANT and the other was critical mass collective MONSTER MASS, again 4 plants 2 of each strain 1000.43 g in a 4x4 tent

what’s the liquid bag doing ?

if you want to get vanilla-branded seeds, I’ve order from Linda-seeds and
they are good as any bulk seed house like Bergman.
they have ‘linda’ branded seeds that start at $1.5 Euro.
they have several other breeders offering as well - one of my freebies was a Dinafem Moby Dick.
their Fat Blueberry AUTO [ala DJ Short] is growing in my tent ATM.

  • plus you;ll never be willing to pay $8-$10 a seed again unless you go direct to the breeder.

looks like its a CO2 bag…or not maybe just water.

Dehumidifying bag

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I must say that I am surprised the name ILGM doesn’t come up much here. I was there before I got here. I still visit and use their references as well as the seed bank. Their seeds seem expensive, but it is very reliable and trouble free. I do, however love the university here and Volker as an instructor. Use both sites for wealth of knowledge.

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I really like the seeds from ilgm @atodd! I’ve used them quite a bit because I get my seeds in under 7 days and the genetics have always been strong and stable. Yes they’re a little expensive, but I don’t mind paying for a good product. I can train hard during flower without worrying about the plants self-pollinating.
I learned my scrogg technique from the grow info on ilgm. I’ve just never visited the grow forum.