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Any way to skip winterization or avoid ethanol?

volatile is banned in Canada, and some people want to keep the product clean from ethanols

Is there any knowledge of an alternate way to dewax?


There is a way to dewax in the column. This way you don’t use ethanol and also don’t lose terpenes. This is how full spectrum extracts are done. I’m not entirely sure the details as extraction tech is no my strong suit.


Paging @tasiakelle

Any advice?


Thanks Tasia!

We are currently speaking with Across international about joining the community. If they join this week, we will bring them into the conversation.


@tasiakelle, that photograph was actually taken from inside our warehouse at Best Value Vacs, and is completely unaffiliated with Across International.

We currently offer this dewaxing functionality on several of our complete extraction systems, including the popular Icarus model which was originally designed to perform this exact task.

@AdvancedExtractions, please message me or call our office directly to speak more in-depth about how this process is accomplished, we’d be glad to help!


Yes, with our technology you get golden color oil which is as pass winterization, so you do skip winterization and the oil could be used directly in products. Our technology uses completely human safe solvent - Low Pressure Tetrafluoroethane Extraction.

You can read more here:

You ca also see our machine on Amazon.
Send me an email at [email protected] if you want some pics and more information.

If you want to test the technology, we are currently processing in Delta CO and setting up in OR in few weeks.


My bad best value, I was thinking you and said them, Totally my fault! have had this running great but mostly running it for crude so lil Icas not even in the pic lol, the lights never turn off in here, so sorry for the pudding brain. Thanks for the correction listen to @BVV_Tech they will help up more than me. They make it!!!


The reason why you winterize or delipidate or dewax is the way to go about answering the question. In the beginning it was about removing tar and wax from oil extractions but then as people discovered oil was hard to handle ingest (no vape pens) another came into play, a less sticky material like wax was easier and it all changed. Then pull and snap come into play because wax shatter, well, shattered all over the place. As they began making these products they realized that in post processing they ended up with less and less array and that started the purify or isolate process and that led to distillation methods. Then the heat in distillation effected CBDa converting it to CBD and avoiding heat was desired which led to vacuum distillation which lowered heat requirements. They could have avoided all these learning curves by the way…
In the end we dont want the useless components but dont want to remove the desirable to get rid of the undesirable. You have to take a close look at all the physical properties of each molecule to figure out how to isolate one from the other. That is a lot of work and when someone goes through the trouble they are not going to share it without compensation. When that information is published it will all come together. Until then we have to go about figuring it out for ourselves. Seems the whole reason I sold the first extractor is being lost once again.
Greed stifles growth by hording knowledge.
All the 1000s of systems now in circulation have allowed more than a few great people to surface and those guys are leading the way.

IN short, when it comes to delicate molecules removed from the shelter of a plant heat is the enemy in most cases. So is oxidation, exposure, light, and so on. It would be ideal to find a low temp method with little exposure to isolate these chemicals but in some cases an array is desirable. These molecules are not stable compounds created in a lab. They are alive so to speak and evolve and react with time. So the process has to be created with that in mind too.
Do you use the whole plant or extract out isolate and reconstitute back using proprietary blending techniques. We will all do both in the end but the real money will be in isolations so proper dosing can lead the way to standardization, at least in the medical side. Rec may be more forgiving.
I hope I cast some light on the problem and opened the door to refining current processes.
Look into Acid Base wash or AB extraction. This is a post process to a tamisium process and little has been mentioned. Since you guys are dealing with lots of acids I would suspect it would have application here. In this example you change the polarity by adding an acid or base and simply use the least labor lowest cost alternative piece of labware called a separatory funnel. Remember the goal in all this is safety first, quality, simplicity, lower cost and faster production, Pretty much in that order.
Seems like the whole industry is upside down and focuses instead on Faster production first, expensive process, complicating the process with safety last while producing mediocre quality.
Somebody will be capitalizing on solving that problem soon.

Tamisium just means to filter out the plant in latin.


Dewaxing in the column using a molecular seive or by using extreme cold temps? I would suspect you are referring to ultra cold temps.
Remember that when molecules vibrate they create space for liquid to move around and create bonds to complete an extraction. Heat creates vibration. Too much heat is bad because it can break up molecular forms but too much cold is bad too.
It would be more productive faster, cheaper and less labor intensive to find a more practical solution than to rely on what people that dont know how to figure out that solution have resorted too. No offense directed to you. I know most people just learn by watching but most demonstration performed today was by those that did the same thing, they just watched too. Good luck Jason.
Also remember that as production demand increases to 1 ton sized systems these smaller scale lab methods wont be applicable such as ultra cold, super fast etc. I guess in that respect the small guys will have the edge but the big guys will have the total array in the plant isolated in pure forms to make what they want at the lowest price. I suggest facing that wall and overcoming it. Post processing wall I mean. Let the extractor do its job and rape the plant of everything it has to offer. Discover proper post processing to sort it all out.


By the way about Canada
They will have no choice but to conform using the same best standardized processes for extracting and post processing that the whole world uses and has used for 100s of years.
Nobody ever has figured out how to run labs and extract without flammable solvents. I think you mean flammable when you say volatile.
If they pass a non flammable law they will push all low cost quality production outside the country and ruin their income from that source.


Yes cold temps. You are much more knowledgeable about this than I. I’m not sure why you said good luck. I’m not an extractor by profession, hehe. Thanks for the info.


You should get into it. You have a base knowledge and I would be glad to help when you do.


If I could legally operate a closed loop at home (Colorado) then I probably would. Unfortunately, butane extraction without a MIP license was made a felony here a few summers back.


Use a different solvent. I never really cared much about what a state said when I operated in the privacy of my own home. Safety was more important. I created this system in my garage over 10 years with the local authorities hanging over me. I had 100s of kilos of plants with scheduled substances in them with a permitted lab in the same area. I never extracted illegal compounds from those plants but could have. They of course just knew I was and investigated me for over a decade until I got tired of it and left. Probably did not help that I was making a lot of money drove a porsche married outside my race in a small cowboy town in Texas. Cops would drive by me and shoot me the finger as I waved hello. It was not conducive to freedom. You guys live in style now. Now everybody is doing it and with my systems. Critical mass has been achieved. When I sold the first 100 systems in 2010 we celebrated. When I sold over 1000 systems I started looking out my window storing cash because banks would not take it. Got real weird in 2012 on. Left Texas 2014 after having my son.
Just use a different solvnet. A Tamisium works with different solvents than butane and extracts from all plants. not exclusive to just one plant or solvent. Make sure your seals work with the other solvents.