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Anybody need cash up front to start up or expand? 20-150K Up for grabs

Vegas went really well for us.

If you need some cash up front to start up or expand a grow operation or dispensary, even an edible business. Give me a shout. We got you, we will even give you some equity. We can go over details. It will be the best loan terms you have ever done I promise that.

If you don’t need cash and just want to grow your net worth. We got you covered there too :slight_smile:

Also wanted to make an official announcement that Aurora has agreed and committed to run trials with us, big plans with them after the trial run. Stay tuned.

All the best,

Cody :v:


Easy, go through our portal and I’ll get you funded.

That’s what we do.

I may have written it wrong. We are offering funding. Feel free to put us in your portal as an investor. We are looking for cultivators and dispensaries mostly. Maybe even edibles. Thanks for your services to the forum community and the cannabis community as a whole.