Anyone going to CannaCon Northeast (Springfield, MA)

Good afternoon to all our friends at the GN…

Is anyone going to the CannaCon Northeast Conference in Springfield, MA next week? 420 Friendly Insurance will be there both speaking and exhibiting.

If you are going let me know or stop by our booth and say hello.
Larry Harb


We’re not going, but good luck speaking!

Everybody listen up to what Larry has to say! He’ll help you CYA!


Is it just me or our conference loosing their luster?


I think the trade show market is definitely quite saturated. In the last few years, more and more shows with specific industry focus have popped up. The one all-encompassing event for our industry seems to be MzBizCon in Vegas. I think you need to select the conferences that are geared specifically toward your prospective clientele and try to tune out the noise from less focused shows.

How has it felt at the last few shows you’ve been to, @420FriendlyInsurance?

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Good advise…

We have seen attendance way down at every show except MJBiz Vegas. At that show attendance is up but I think that it is mainly axillary businesses that make up the increase. Way more vendors and not more plant touchers. That is my perception.


Sounds like an issue we are seeing all across the industry


Nick… you are spot on…

I am very curious to see how other shows fair? Too many shows and no real traffic makes these show very costly to exhibit. Very hard to get an ROI.

I am also seeing some very specific shows… accounting topic, real estate etc. these too are very costly for their return.

We are looking for a better way to market to this industry if someone has any ideas?



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