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Anyone have any tips for growing the God Bud?

Ordered some God Bud seeds last week. I grow in a living soil/over air infused water tank. Just looking for anyone with any tips for the best grow?

Talk to @Ladithief his teas will probably help you out in living soil… Great strain :+1::+1:

Need to know more about this air infused tank in your set up… I have a book 13 pages of soils and teas etc in itI now just mix my own up… but you DO NOT want to use my present recipe indoors…lol… you will find yourself living on the streets…but as I said I have others…

so these are my babies. The pots have about 4 inches of water in the bottom with an air stone. Then I used the lid cut down to fit with 5 spaced holes as a divider. I used small net cups flipped upside down to keep the divider from falling to bottom. Then they are filled with a mix of living soil perlite and just a little bit of coco. I type this off with about 2 inches of perlite and then small river rock to keep out those dreaded fungus nats. I am new 2 growing so any tips are greatly appreciated. I have been brewing worm casting tea 2x a week. I pull half liquid off at 24 hours mix 1:5 with water use as foliar spray and soil drench. the rest goes on for another 24 hours and then is strained and used as foliar and soil drench. Thank you @Ladithief I have been reading a lot of what you have been writing. You make sense to me. Oh by the way I grow to supply my own medicine it helps me get thru life. I have been fighting the crohns for 30 yrs. Cannabis is the Best medicine !!!

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oh and due to stupid Indiana rules I can’t grow outside… hehe he i have great basement…

How much tea do you mix at a time… I am probably feed my teas at 1:1… but then I have some ready to go over the eaves…lol…

Everyone will have an opinion. The best advice I can think of is choose a reputable nutrients brand. Research NPK values, buy a ph up and down with test kit, a tds and or ec meter, before you sprout one seed. Dont over care for your plants, too much water, too much nutrients. Etc. Form a plan. And stick to it. Read everything you can about 1st time growing. There’s a ton of scientific data available for free. Do not use bro-science you get from a forum member. Even if you like what you are told. Take that information and research it. Growing cannabis is super easy and rewarding. Dont over think it. Research how to identify plant problems by leaf changes, read about optimal ph range for what ever medium you are going to grow in, Understand that nutrients salts aren’t salts in the conventional sense. In chemistry speak, a salt is anything that has 2 or more IONS. Organic and synthetic nutrients have ions. Take notes, print out a feeding schedule from the nutrients line you choose. And remember a plant is only going to eat what it needs, you cant force feed them. If you want to use supplements with nutrients. Use those that focus on root growth. Decide if you want optimal plant performance or just grow it with basic care. Im not saying this list of nutrients is the best, but it works great for me. Once a week, I add my supplements. Humic acid, armor si or something that is silicates, growers recharge, Neptune’s 0-0-1, Tribus bacteria microbes, and black strap molasses to feed the enzymes in soil or coco. This recipe provides the roots with necessary trace elements, minerals ,vitamins, amino acids and this will make your plants resistant to ph swings, nutrient changes, heat, humidity, and shock. Happy roots, are healthy roots, which means more roots. More roots means the plant can absorb more. Humic and fulvic acid will bind to the roots allowing them to absorb every bit of the nutrients available. Good luck, what ever you decide is best for your style and budget.

@Ladithief, I usually mix 4 or 5 parts filtered h20 to one part tea. I am super fraid of nute burn. In the teas I use 1 1/2 gal filtered h20 1tsp elemental shaken in pint of h20 then 1 oz unsolphered molasses in pint of h20 shaken to dissolve then 1/2 cup fresh worm compost handful of hay. This is base i mix 2 buckets of this. One is for veg and one for bloom. To the veg I will add 1 top of ff fish and 1 tsp terp tea grow. To the bloom bucket i add 1tsp terp tea bloom. I use airstones in each bucket and cover for 24 hours the are in veg room Temps run around 78 to 80 in room but buckets sit on basement floor so they stay around 76 deg. I try to use the cool basement to offset heat from lights. .

@ronnieb2 thank you very much for your advice. I am trying to get away from store bought chems and get as natural as I can.

@Ladithief. I have my compost bins a going but need time to get them up and full of the microbeasties. Also last month started my own little worm farm in basement. I eat vegan due to my crohns…so have plenty of goodies for them to eat. We just moved here last October so I have been busy getting garden going. Hope to have my own living soil going by next year. . Thank you so much for your time and guidence.

I aerate for 24 to 36 hours and give the microbes a chance to grab hold in the tea…I have a video I just have to get it up to my you tube channel… it’s nothing special it shows my air pump and my air snake and in it you can see the air just pounding into it…don’t even measure… just free pour… I measure the aloe, silica and humic as I only need like 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon… my liquids are free poured like my tequila…lol…

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Good morning @Ladithief , I used to run with Jose, and Jim, when I was young. But sadly we are not friends anymore. However mari has been my best friend for along time now. can put aloe in your teas? Please share i have several large aloe and use them alot in daily life.i didn’t know you can add to your teas woo hoo I love this site thank you!!!

the juice can be used… I use 200x aloe flakes need far less and far less expensive for me to buy… use aloe in your germ water… aloe is awesome for rooting and roots… so just squeeze the juice into what you want it in…liquid I would use 3-4 oz per 4-5 gallon aerated water… I have never used fresh plant aloe though… and from the inner fillet of the plant is better but any will do trust me…

Kickenk!! On next water I will try a leaf fillet blended in my gal of h2o. And I see also you use coconut water? Full strength? I found my love of the coconut when I was living in Costa rica… can’t get fresh here but they sell bottled.

oh @Ladithief I also have clean freshwater planted fish tank 40gl. I don’t used chemicals in it. I have been reading to use that water intermittently too but there are so many different ratios quoted its kinda funny but again I don’t want to burn the girls. I have done this in the past and feel Hella guilty when I see leaf burns

I used coconut flour in a rue… now I am organic molasses for my sugars for plant to bio-mass communication…I have never burnt my girls with my organics and teas… and I brew for 24-36 hours… you bio mass should do the conversions and the sugars… so I do nothing but free mix and do my thing…lol… plants a little lighter green more fish juice for N2 etc…

Heheheh Thank you @Ladithief .