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Anyone know anything about what’s going on with WhatsApp?

Hey I know a lot of people use what’sapp on here and was wondering if anyone knows about this?

I saw it on Facebook. It’s not my screenshot.


i dont know how truthful it is, but it is fb and i wouldn’t doubt its always done this…


Its alot of hype, whatsapp is always collecting your data, just like big brother is always watching. I have a summary from a digital law expert ok I looked at the summary, and its basically saying, be careful of what you post to social media, which includes whatsapp. The new terms of service that whatsapp is forcing all users to confirm before 8th of Feb 2021 is that you allow “Facebook servers” to store and have access to your data, including contact numbers, messages etc.

Simply put you are just allowing them to have legal access to data they probably already been storing, using to push personalised ads to you. On another note, it is probably a clever idea to switch to Telegram and Signal messaging services.


It’s big brother…whomever voted for the disaster twins entering office on the 20th, this is what you voted for. I try not to get political…but what got voted in is going to be a disaster. Just watch. All the big tech companies are going to track your every move, Google, Facebook, Twitter…and if they don’t like what you have to say they will not allow you to say it. If you think I’m wrong you are not paying attention, they are ALREADY doing it. OK now I’m done.


I got nothing to hide…well besides a couple plants in a non legal state. LoL. I’ve been on it anyways…they already got my info! I know it stinks but humans going to have chips implanted by 2050 anyways so get out your tinfoil hats y’all!


They already do. It has nothing to do with who will be President next week. I’ve been in tech for years, and I would never use WhatsApp for anything remotely illegal because it is owned by Facebook.

If you really want to be a cool dude, get rid of FB, IG, and WA. They’re all owned by Facebook. You’ll also have to get rid of your smartphone, because that’s easily trackable.

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So true!!! I don’t understand how people don’t realize how much tracking goes on, every day. They all have smartphones. Hahahaha! Smartphones know evvvvvverything.

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Amy I am well aware of that. Like I said I try not to be political because the conversation becomes never ending. Basically what I was trying to say is Trump, whether you like him or not was trying to stop the encroachment on our civil liberties, congress was calling in the heads of the tech companies and holding their feet (kinda) to the fire for violations of our first amendment rights. NOW with the idiot twins entering office you can bet your bottom dollar that, that will stop. Did anyone see the announcement yesterday by Google and Apple banning Parlor a free speech platform? They used to call that anti-trust, monopolies. ATT was split up because of it. Don’'t hold your breath for that to happen these days. Get your popcorn and grab a seat, and watch them tax you to the breaking point and give your money to someone else and themselves. Oh this administration will do some things you like. Probably will end the prohibition on MJ at the federal level. My question to everyone that voted for Biden and Harris is at what cost?


@sssportsmfg I have to agree.
I dont care if its legalized.
I’m worried about the rest.
People were so excited about stim checks.
I have to remind them nothing is for free


Yep the stim checks are going to destroy the economy. Not to mention that the Democratic congress did everything in their power to advance their agenda and hold money for the actual people of this country hostage for that agenda. Only a very small part of the allocated money (by the way OUR MONEY) was and is actually going to US the taxpayers they took it from via the IRS. I am literally sick to my soul at what I see happening in this country. And really I an not going to respond any more on this thread, because it will go on forever. I am here to learn to grow pot better. This is one place I can try and forget what is going on for a small part of my day. Peace to everyone.


Its not about that. You don’t give your info out freely. They shouldn’t be allowed to take it.

surveillance capitalism was the biggest earned income last year. It will only get worse. India and China are already a big brother network for their entire life structure. It will happen here due to net neutrality. We should have stopped it in its tracks but all the misinformation has guided most folks wrongly. Thats what happens when you give rights a commercial entity like a person.

Yep sports. Never take the candy bar.