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Anyone Know What This Leaf Yellowing Might Be?

Here’s one of the many elusive, ‘What’s wrong with my plant?’ pictures I get…


Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!!



Are other plants exhibiting symptoms? And I assume you’re an outdoor grow based on what appears to be sunlight?

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Scattered here and there and yes, it’s an outdoor grow…


Is there anything you’ve ruled out already? ECM, PPM, pH, pests, etc?

It looks like a nutrient deficiency to me, but it’s not an easy to determine one. I found this PDF which might help.

It might be a nitrogen deficiency:


Nitrogen deficiency generally is the entire plant/crop, exposed to light,would be yellowing up.
Off hand looks like a moth could have sucked the leaf right there or spray damage from an unmixed concentrated glob…or old fashioned mud got on it. If its one spot on one plant I would not worry, but I’d scope the bottom of the leaf with a 100X just to be sure.