Anyone Track Success Rate by Genetic?

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I put together a brief article on how Tracking Success Rates by genetic can save on man hours and help hit yield targets a while back. Would love to get you thoughts…




So its no secret. If you want successful harvests year after year. Knowing your genetics is a huge part. Aswell as a highly tuned growing program.
If I’m understanding you correctly?
We are speaking in terms of genetics specifically. Then yes in some ways I do track that data. However my analysis is strictly predictive geared towards probable outcomes.
However for a flower grower this is kind of a standard for most operations. Its easier to manage a strain if you’ve grown it for years.
I didn’t read the article yet. As soon as I have time I will jump into it.
Is any of what I posted similar or should I just read it first and not look like I smoked myself silly?


So I read the post. And we are in agreement. This is why you see succesful grows using the same genes,neuts,soil. ETC.
I often have new growers Ask me what strains are good to grow, especially for beginners. I always steer them away from OGs and lean them more towards a kush line.
Knowing the genetics you grow is key. The seed bank numbers are vastly exaggerated and inflated. Growers ask me why it didn’t yield what it was listed to yield.
Answer is simple. First off the growers of the plant tend to make mistakes that cost them yield. The breeder’s make up yield numbers. And this increases sales.
Yield is determined by genetics, the grower, lighting , and nuet program. Any of those can contribute to less yeild.
So tracking this data over your.grows will help to predict future harvest. It also helps plan future grows.
The meta data here is priceless


To Add I guess the term ‘Success Rate’ is relatively vague. A better way to describe it would the the % of cuts that make it to harvest by genetic. There is probably a variety of factors that can impact or improve success rates.

The more high level goal I am getting at is a world where 100% of the clones you cut go on to produce high quality flower. I believe efficiency is lost as this (%) declines.

Or maybe i’m rambling and no one cares. lol


I have found some strains to be more difficult to clone and do indeed have a lower success rate. Thus pushing me further from that profile and all associated with it. Tending more to grow time tested easy to root plants. I don’t think any of us would continue to try to grow a plant that is super stubborn. However I’m sure most would love a plant that spawns 100% success or a system that does

I personally would love a tech product that could handle say six at a time. It does all the work. I just come back in a few days and its ready to go. Lol not lazy. Just trying to squeeze more things into a 16 hour period.