Anyone using the Nanolux DE Chill 1000W?

I have been looking at 1000W DE lights for a while now and I have decided to go hooded simply for more environmental for MY grow. I really like the Nanolux DE Chill.

Does anyone know anything about this light?
I am having a hard time finding reviews from anyone but Nanolux on this light.

Please help


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No idea, but welcome!

I built myself a COB LED light and will never pay someone else to put lights together again, it truly is so easy to do.

I took a look at that light and as far as HID fixtures, it looks like a good one, except I know that ballasts create a lot of heat and with it being attached to the light, you can’t mount it outside of your grow space. That’s all I noticed besides the very cool 6 dimming levels, lol

Are you set on a HID fixture?

No. LED was my first choice for number of reasons. I decided to go HID because of the up front cost of 600-1000w LED lights are nuts. I have decided my final grow will utilize both HID &LED. I landed on the Chill because of the room cooling capability. It supposedly can reduce your cooling cost by 60%

I was speaking with a nanolux rep on Friday and she mentioned that the Nanolux DE Chill will have an CHM unit soon. That’s what I want.

Building a light for some of my indoor veg garden my daughter and I am starting would be fun.

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I’m using CMH or LEC is the industry term.
I dropped all LEDs from my grow. Wasn’t happy with performance of LEDs.
The CMH/LEC are working great and I’m very happy. Just remember to always have extra ballasts and bulbs on hand. Just incase of failure.
As for DEs. Yeah they are pretty good. Look into sunsystems CMH lights

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