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Aphids, Spider Mites, or Colorado Russet Mites?

Which pest was mentioned more than others?

Location was the Metaphase booth at INDO Expo… in front of the insect deterrent light and grow light displays.

Colorado growers were more concerned with a solution for aphids and spider mites… the aphids winning out by a small margin. Fortunately we had Ian in our booth. Ian was the Colorado interface between Metaphase and our Colorado growers who reported positive results concerning the spider mites and aphids.

Northwest growers were most interested in the Russet mites solution. Fortunately Brighterside Vertical Farms was also exhibiting at the show. Brighterside… also Colorado based… reported positive results concerning the Colorado Russet Mites.

See our article on the Grower’s Spotlight for additional information.


Here is the link to the Growers Spotlight Gary is mentioning! Thanks for sharing Gary!

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And thanks for providing the link.