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Are there any breeders here?

I guess I mean amateur, not pro because I doubt a pro would have any interest in what I have to propose…I know of a specific strain a friend made many years ago that produced the most amazing medical strain I or anyone else I knew who tried it have had in decades. I have the genetics that go into it, I had a little 2x4 foot tent set up to control pollination when things kinda went south with my motor control plus managing three grow tents was about one tent too many for my broken-assed brain and I have to make a choice, choosing to just stick with the main grow and giving up on having Exorcist again in this lifetime. However now that I have found this place I would like to find a way to make an arrangement with someone capable of really simple breeding. I have the genetics (or have the hard to get strain, the easy I can get at any seed shop) and I can promise whoever makes this for me will have a helluva production strain on their hands…every one of these grows beastly AF, the one time this was tested it clocked in at insane levels of THC and CBD, clones well and has a really heavy yield…

Oh and it makes amazing wax too.

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