Are these plants ready to chop? 62 days in Flower

First time grower here. Indica strain. Don’t have a jewelers scope. But my iPhone 11 gets pretty close shots. Just finished 8 weeks in Flower. This past week I been flushing with PH’d water only & Florakleen on 2 occasions. All pistils 80-90% brown. I did notice a few amber trich bulbs. Buds are beginning to get dry. Not too dry but you know what I mean lol. Figured I’d ask around here cuz I just don’t want to ruin this harvest because this is a top shelf strain


Hi @ryanized

You can maybe push for a couple more weeks, trichomes should be 50% plus, depending on your preference. But up to you, I often start harvesting the ones that are ready and wait for the rest to catch up.

I’d personally harvest now your trics are all milky witch means it’s at its most potent state this will give an energetic high if you let it go to more amber trics you’ll get a couch lock high or you can wait for a mix of both milky and amber whatever works for you friend hope this helps

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mouse935 there is nothing left to say

Yeah pretty much lol