Are these pollen sacks?

I have one plant that is flowering but I just noticed these two things on it which look like pollen sacks to me.

They’re the only two on the plant. Everything else looks female.

If these are pollen sacks, what would happen if I simply cut the two off and kept a very close eye on it?

If no more formed, would that plant be okay?


Hi there that looks more like a Hurpi plant that you’ve got there containing female & male genetics you’ll have to remove all of those hanging sack pockets because it will have some sort of pollen in them when ready they will burst open & start pollinating the rest of your garden & ladies destroying all your hard work & might just end up harvesting buds full of seed its just a way the plants have to save & preserve there genetics for the future so I would suggest that you’ll need to remove all those hanging pocket sacks which is going to be a pain or you’ll need to relocate by moving your plant to a different area in your outside garden or the best way take sure your plant dont get pollinated is by pulling the out & get rid of it all completely…


Thanks. I Googled it right after posting. Hopefully I didn’t stress it out too bad. I clipped one off and then just clipped the node about an inch below because I couldn’t get under the other one.

Will definitely be keeping a close eye on it from here on out and checking the rest regularly. It was the only one with pollen sacks on it and it only had 2.

I may have been stressing it out with the lighting. I move the pot and then the lights so I can get to the others and the other day I added another light.

It’s my first grow so I’m in learning mode here.


Thats cool man yeah ive been somking for years but also only started growing not to long ago myself theres a lot to learn & im also still learing its all good to this platform im really new here myself too ive got some things & stuff going on here as well that ive posted so far that you can check out & see… Looking forward to see what you do & will be getting up with your plants as they grow…


It does look like pollen sacks I’d keep that plant away from others as it appears that that is a hernie plant and Hermie r bo good. Lol. Seeds won’t be any good that come from it as they will grow and do the same exact thing this one did. Make and female parts both together. If it seems like the sacks still pop up I’d toss the plant if there is no way I can seclude it to a room by itself. And if u keep it don’t mess with that plant then go to another plant and play as u will transfer pollen from one to another not even thinking u did. Lol. Pollen is a biotch as it gets everywhere quick like.


Yeah Im wondering how to proceed from here. I’ve read if you get ll of them you can still have a good plant. I keep this pot within 3-4 feet of where I sit and I look over at it pretty regularly. I only saw two and got em both. I’m pretty sure they would have been pretty new since I look at the plant all the time.

The bummer is, it’s in a pot with another plant. The other one seems fine. I cut one off nd then I cut the node about an inch below to get the other off since I couldnt get beneath it. They were about a half inch apart or so.

If it makes any more I guess Ill either pull it or see if I can move it somewhere else. Definitely dont want to risk the rest of em.

I had two others that confused the heck out of me. One looked like runt that wasnt going to grow. The other looked like it was growing faster than the others.

A couple of weeks later and the runt has sped past the rest and the other that looked like it was going to be big barely peaked bove the edge of the pot but it flowered and they went much faster than the rest. The smell… wow. Never smelled anything so good as on the one that flowered as a mini me.

Looking at it now I will probably get a few js off of it but if that smell is any indication they will be fire fire. :fire:


Yeah growing 2 canna plants in one pot is not all that good. One will fight the other for feed and with that happening usually one or both have issues as one is starved of this or that while the other soaks it all up itself. Lol. Every sac I see daily I’d pluck it just to be safe. U can def tell a nanner from a regular calyx


Definitely won’t be doing two in a pot again after this.

I actually have two 21 inch post with two in each. I was LST one pot and this one that had the pollen sacks just letting em go natural.

Ill probably try the 3 gallon grow bags next time too. I have 14 & 15 inch pots and it’s a crap use of the space. I could have fit a few more if I had seen those grow bags before I started with the pots., Would have been a lot cheaper too.

Live and learn. So far I’m pretty happy with my first grow. One plant is behind the others, one flowered faster as a mini me and this one with the sacks… not too bad for a first with 17 going.

Didnt know how many to go with. The info on dry weight was all over the place. I’ve seen as little as like 10g or so up to 60 or more per plant and had no idea what to assume with the grams per square meter. Seemed like I was seeing anywhere from 4 plants to 9 or 10 in that square meter.

A lot of confusing info online. Seems theres always die hards on both sides of any issue.


I killed five herms this summer. If seeded weed being a possibility is acceptable, keep it. I cant take that risk


I wouldnt put much stock in yield predictions. Some strains juat dont put out a lot. My favorite strain, Gods Gift, is one.
If you want max yield, find some pinapple chunk seeds


Yep i killed 2 this year. And it was an auto flower i was messing with.


Smoke Oklahoma summers are too brutal to grow outdoors


So i gotta cut back on nutes as u can see the burn. Also dnt start my trimming back and training until a certain height. Use the bottom growth for clones if needed.

2 plants in one pot. It can be done u just risk when they bush they will cover one another. I ONLY DID THIS for a few past grows to save space.

As long as you train them and spread them. Give them enough nutes no issues. I first seen this at a company I had an interview for cresco. They had multiple plants like this and all looked healthy.

Blew my mind becasue I heard never do it. Ran out of pots lol so decided to give it a try. I prolly wont do it again. I’VE even flowered them like that and just spread them really well.


:thinking:slight burn means the plant exceeded its required uptake of whatever. I’d rather a lil too kuch than too little. Just me

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