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Are you a 503c? And need technology?

I noticed some of the dispensaries in California are 503c companies. Nonprofit in plan talk. If you are a 503c you qualify for

This organization is the global NGO distributor for discount software and hardware for most of the big technology players. For example, Quickbooks Professional for $50. Microsoft Essentials server license $38 dollars vs $1500. Microsoft Windows 10 professional licenses $10.

Give a look. Especially if you are a 501c or help at a nonprofit.


Techsoup is great - I’ve used them in the past when I worked for a nonprofit.

2 Likes has great non-profite pricing too, I think the last bill from them was 50 dollars for a year. I always hoped they would go public. They sold to a venture capital group.

They have the best content management system on the market. Bar none. You would have to spend a million or more to buy for in-house uses. I know the struck two deals with government agencies for private hosting at the government agencies. I don’t think that’s general knowledge.

When they added market place into there product they became an full cycle solution.
The where the first vendor to integrate strip into there product. For a nonprofit it changes 0.5% on credit cards. They recently struck a deal with PayPal global. Don’t know the price structure.

I have used there product for ten years. I think I did three nonprofit sites with them.

Take a look at that was thirty minutes of work on the setup side. The users power users have self control over content.

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Yeah there’s a lot of businesses that do non-profit pricing of some kind. All you have to do is fax them a copy of your paperwork and they give you the discount. Webroot does that for schools and nonprofits, which is nice. If you’re a non-profit then it pays to ask all of your vendors if they have an offer like that.

Squarespace does seem like they know what they are doing, especially with their marketing on podcasts which I hear all the time. There’s been a lot of plug and play website hosting companies that have come and gone over the years, but they seem to be lasting longer than most.


There tech support is 15 minuets or less.

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