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Are you a tax and/or accounting expert in the Cannabis Industry?

Hello. My team and I will be putting together an article for GN’s Spotlight section. The topic is Financial Planning in the Cannabis Industry. We are looking for a tax and/or accounting expert to contribute via brief interview.

It’s a great opportunity for you to gain additional exposure and a potential opportunity for us to form a collaboration. Please PM me for more info. Needs to get gone this week.


Talk to @sharonburns of Denali Accounting. She is wonderful.


Depending on the scope of what you are seeking to cover, we may be able to assist with your efforts. However, you should be aware that a CPA, Attorney or Enrolled Agent can be subject to sanction by a State Board of Accountancy or the Internal Revenue Service [Office of Professional Responsibility “OPR”] for using a self-aggrandizing title and referring to themselves as an expert. Specifically, Circular 230, Sec. 10.30(a) states


(a) Advertising and solicitation restrictions. (1) A practitioner may not, with respect to any Internal Revenue Service matter, in any way use or participate in the use of any form of public communication or private solicitation containing a false, fraudulent, or coercive statement or claim; or a misleading or deceptive statement or claim.
as such I would personally be very wary of any practitioner that uses the moniker “expert” .

Having said that, i am going to retype what you can easily find in my Linkedin profile here, in a background statement about our practice capabilities which you can find here, on our “reel” here, or our website.

With that background, my cannabis industry expertise is almost exclusively focused on California, though our clients are starting to invest in Oregon…so if that is a limitation, I will it out right up front. We are heavily involved in the process of working with BCC, CDPH, CDFA, and CDTFA on the development of regulations through interaction with the regulatory agencies, CalCPA, and the California Board of Accountancy’s current President knows us very well.

I am the lead for the AICPA’s National Cannabis Task Force and have been in professional practice for > 37 years. I apologize for the length of this response, however, it is difficult to properly respond to your post. We would encourage you to engage with as many of the practitioners on the site you can locate so that you can make an informed choice.


Ditto on talking to @sharonburns from Denali!


Call me anytime so we can talk or send me questions:
landline 928 272 7788 cell/text 602 245 0490

Sharon Burns
Heather Martin
Denali Accountants


I am also Canadian living in the US so I know both sides American accounting and Canadian



Thank you for all of the responses and referrals. I will be in touch soon. What a great little community-- Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile:


I would be glad to help - I’m a CPA and I specialize in 280E compliance. Just give me a call 970-344-7298 - I’m also doing the AMA session tomorrow morning if you have any questions.



Sharon, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me and share your area of expertise. Not only has it been an amazing introduction to the Network, but it’s been informative and educational for me. No wonder so many people recommended you. Thank you so much!