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Are you ready to score Zimbabwe weed?

Zimbabwe is poised to be the next country to allow global exports of cannabis and cannabis infused products produced in that country. In an interesting summation of the declining tobacco industry worldwide, Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa cited the fear of potential criminalization of tobacco in the future; tobacco is a major export for Zimbabwe farmers.

Business Day reports that officials hope that cannabis could become Zimbabwe’s top export. This move comes on the heels of the Zimbabwe legalizing medical cannabis two months ago.

What does this meas for the global cannabis supply? Do you think this will be of benefit to farmers in Zimbabwe? Are you worried about corruption among officials?


Good day!

As luck would have it I grew up in Zimbabwe. We now live in South Africa and this is where we are operating. Any plans for business in Zimbabwe need you to seriously consider at the very least two factors which will greatly affect your business: navigating the political complexities which you will face and navigating the currency issues. Zimbabwe has a serious shortage of forex. In any case when someone wants to consider the Southern African country we welcome you to contact us. We can give practical insight into the workings of the country and are willing to help.


House of Marley.


Thanks for bringing these issues to the attention of potential investors.

@houseofmarley, where do you see the cannabis industry in Zimbabwe in 1 year? 5 years? Do you think other African nations will follow suit?

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