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Are you sick of gunky reservoirs and clogged lines?

Who is having problems with Nutrients building up in the bottom of your reservoirs and clogging up your feeder lines and drippers/sprayer tips? Any tricks to keep lines clean?


Clean reservoirs and feeder lines are vital to plant health.

You should empty and clean your reservoir at least weekly.

Have you ever used Drip Clean, FloraKleen, or Clearex? All will help clean out the gunk.

Failure to clean said gunk could result in an outbreak of pythium. You would want to run a 29%-34% H2O2 mix through the lines to kill off any residual spores that could bring forth another outbreak.

Great queation!


I have been hearing about tons of people having to replace irrigation systems this year from using thick liquid lines or some powder lines. People using our line of powders have had great luck with cleanliness and have had zero complaints about clogged anything. The key is the 100% solubility. But, was curious for the guys using our Coco blends that are not using our line of nutrients. Hoping to have a go to product for them to use so they do not have to replace systems like I have been hearing about. Thank you!