Are your roots Redi?

We like to think of roots as the foundation of your plants and trees. We created RediRoot with that in mind.

Rediroot containers utilize a process called air-pruning. Air-pruning stimulates root development and helps ensure that when your plants and trees reach their final destination they will be ready to explode with new growth.

It is our goal to provide an environment that gives your plants and trees the best possible start and the longest possible life.

Benefits of RediRoot

image Reduces Transplant Shock

RediRoot reduces transplant shock resulting in less plant loss overall and faster first year growth.

image Aeration

Aeration to the root zone air-prunes roots, preventing circling and eliminating the need for root pruning during the transplant process.

image Rapid Nutrient Uptake

Well branched, fibrous root systems uptake water and nutrients more efficiently.

image Ready To Grow

Air pruned root tips are calloused off and ready to explode with new growth.

image Maximize Your Profits

The benefits of RediRoot combine to help you maximize profits by allowing for efficient labor, faster finishing, and decreased cull rates.

image Variety Of Agricultural Applications

RediRoot is an effective solution for a variety of crops and can be used in a number of growing environments.

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I have used aeropots before. still have them actually. Produced some really good plants. I have yet to try yours. They seem pretty legit.


What media do you recommend by size of container? We used a similar product at the nursery product resurch station at the University of Missouri in the 1980’s. We all really liked working with the net type products. We did have to change our choices in media.

I used a small net pot very successfully for vegetative propagation of some speclity crops. We loved them.

I think the Propagation packs are my dream come true. Perfect for the small to mid size grower.

The singles might be good for large growers. How do the handle in auto planting machine?

What recycling program do you offer?

From the voices in my head


Hi Ethan!
You can use many types of medium in our containers for a variety of plants. I personally use a coco mixture of varying kinds depending if I want to add grow stones or perlite to the mix. A #3 container filled with coco, being water by dripline on a drain waste feeding.


Thank you! Where in SoCal are you?


Los Angeles


Sweet! Who is your go to Hydro Store in the city?


There is a place called NO Stress Hydro. Its in West Hollywood. I never go there. i buy all my products online direct for better prices.