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Article: Trimming Equipment Primer: 5 Keys to Maximizing ROI

Is trimming equipment the key to supercharging productivity and profits? Check out this article for the full scoop!


Hi Rachel! I’m curious about the business perspective. At what point do you believe that an automatic trimmer becomes a more economical decision than hiring trimmers?


We rented a trim machine last year, 800 per week. Worked good on rounder buds and smalls. This was a washing machine type trimmer, it was fast and took a little more trim from the longer shaped buds than we liked.


the machine is SUPER gentle! because of the super wide

We have seen a movement to the pre and post handling of the buds, where the machine is doing the '“heavy lifting” and the trimmers (where needed) can do debucking, touch up and sizing…The whole idea is to keep the handling of the bud/loss of trichomes to a minimum, and to be able to repurpose all the materials from the processing.
An added plus is to do that in a timely, safe and “quiet” way… (i.e. a normal work conversation can take place right next to the machine, as in the N.G.P. trimmer. Some of the noise levels on trimmers can be extremely high and a nuisance to some people.

With volumes approaching tonnage, they have a place.


Lots of interest in automation right now… with the falling prices and increased competition growers are starting to look around for ways to improve their margins while maintaining quality product.

Automation gets a bad rap and rightfully so some times. There are some super inferior garage style products out there… but if you look around you’ll find the best - Twister Trimmers!! :smile: Haha self promo

Seriously though. Would love to answer any questions anyone has…

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