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Hey everyone

I am a commercial grower operating a RDWC and coco facility using LED lighting. We use multispectral imaging and a mechanical curing process to produce the highest % THC and overall quality Cannabis grown today. My highest THC test have been 40%, 40.3% and 41.9%.
I am here to learn from all the good people here and to help where I am able. I was in the horticultural LED lighting industry prior to the Cannabis industry studying photomorphogenesis. I have experience in all aspects of the canna grow biz: build the facility, nutrients, lighting, planning, environmental controls, harvest, post harvest, sales and marketing etc…
Let me know what you guys would like to talk about.

Bradah Haole


You sound like the kind of guy I want to talk about all aspects of growing with. Welcome!


Thank you bro. How do you grow?


I grow with hydroponics and LEDs in controlled environments. I’m a bit of a control freak, haha. I’m learning some things about industrial automation programming and hardware so I can build and operate my own precision environments.

I love all technical things about cannabis, from propagation through to curing, and the things we can measure and improve through each step.

What kinds of projects or questions are you working on answering at the moment, @bradahhaole ?


I am constantly trying to improve our grow and increase our knowledge for our industry. I am currently working on using lighting to bring out the attributes of this plant in a hope that we can make a better medicine. I also am working with a multi-spectral imaging company to develop tools for the commercial and home grower to identify pest, molds and mildews before they are visible with the naked eye. I also want to allow the grower to analyze the composition of the plant thru imaging. For me being able to know the exact composition of my plants has allowed me to dramatically increase the quality of my work.

I think automation is a must for the large scale grower. It is the only way I can give the plants the personal attention they need to be all they can be :slight_smile:

I use a cure machine that is one of the most amazing technological advances in our industry I believe. It puts the buds under a negative pressure allowing a perfect cure with sensors to read the off gassing and achieve a perfect cure every time.


I’ve been hearing of a few different imaging companies that are using different spectral imaging equipment and algorithms. Looks to me be promising tech. Have you seen the paper recently published regarding deficiencies? Using their methods could help expedite how you tune your algorithm.

What are your target values for water activity, ethylene and carbon dioxide while curing? Are you able to actively change the osmotic pressure while curing? Lots of interesting stuff you’ve got going on!


@Cure_Advantage_Ruben can you help with this last question please. Ruben is the worlds leading expert on post harvest care.