Asking your 2 cens

So last couple weeks as some may know i have ben fighting a powerdy mildew problem. Everyday day removing any leaf wih any hint of a sign. I was sucessfull in my battel thanx to some fellow GN growers. So today red eyed and in my thoughts, “all those leavs infectd are now in my compost pile” thats gotta be just spreading like califorina wild fires. think i should treat my compost ? Michigan winter around courner goes dormient till leavs next yr ect… Also what yall think bout in the ground vs pots/built up beds. would think in the ground let those roots find nurints washed down. Nature knows best right ? any ways just my 2 cents. make me rich give me 2 cents.

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Try to keep the area around your outdoor plants free of grass and other weeds. They will carry PM to your plants and the moisture from dew and fall weather will cause issues also.

I am from Michigan also, PM is terrible here this year.

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I don’t know what to do about the compost pile now but for future reference I would probably wash anything infected that I pulled off the plant in a peroxide/water solution before I put it into the compost pile

If your compost pile is working properly, the mould will not be an issue. Mould is killed around 60-70 degrees Celsius (140 - 160 Fahrenheit) and a well maintained compost pile can reach temperatures greater than 77 Celsius ( 170 Fahrenheit).


Appreciate the knowledge. Good to know.