Aspergillus Flavus treatment

How long do You use UV lighting to kill aspergillus On marijuana after you have harvested?

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While I may play one on TV, it is important to understand I am not a doctor.

I personally, in a situation as you have asked without seeing any photos would say that you should just throw it away. Mold is never a good thing.

However, you could wash it, about a month ago there was near a dozen threads on washing. As to if you should dry it out first before washing, or wash and then dry it out, I would imagine you likely will not want to keep this flower humidified any further.

I’m sorry, hopefully this is helpful.


Aspergillus is a very common fungi/mold found on cannabis. Its very dangerous too and can lead to many other conditions and infections in your system from your lungs through to kidneys. Its especialliy dangerous for people with compromised immune systems. Be careful and follow the advice above.


I am not sure how you shoud or if you should do it at all. I had some on my WWX autos, thought well I just bet that Isopropyl Alcohol would do the trick and kill it. (Already cut and drying) Well don’t do that lol…it turned the bud black and it shrunk up, looked terrible it went into the compost barrel.

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Did they cut the isopropyl? Needs to be about 10 to water water to %.

Not they ME lol…no I didn’t dilute the alcohol and I use the 91% stuff. Made a 2" wide bud look like a pencil. And turned it black. Probably not a good idea to smoke anything with mold on it anyway. Didn’t loose that much.

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so, i have approximately 2 cents to add: mold is never good. best to toss it. but the iso… i use isopropyl (99% if i can get my hands on it) as an extractant. it creates an RSO kind of substance, similar to resin. it is NOT edible, as i use rubbing alcohol instead of food grade like everclear. it is smokable though. i don’t use it on the buds so much as the trim and leaf, because the iso is so aggressive that it takes the chlorophyll and other plant particles with it (hence the dark, almost black color). i found the iso was safer to make than BHO (butane honey oil method) and a nice change of pace. it’s not too aesthetically pleasing, but it works in the dry months. there is equipment made specifically for this process, like the Flower Tower for example, all using the isomerization process. well, there’s about 2 bucks worth of my 2 cents. stay safe, stay high

Wow that is a whole lot more than 2 cents lol. Thanks!


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