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Aspergillus: The Most Dangerous Cannabis Pathogen - Medicinal Genomics


Thanks to our friends from Medicinal Genomics for letting us repost this. What are your thoughts?


Is there anything we can do in production / post harvest handling to prevent or reduce the risk of having contaminated product ?


One of the things I’ve read is humidity control – like any fungal species, Aspergillus species need damp conditions to survive. If you can prevent any free water from being on the cannabis, it should help. Air filters/purifiers can help remove many of the spores from the air as well!


If you suspect or observe a fungal outbreak: do yourself a favor and take the time to dissemble and thoroughly clean all the components of your AC’s, dehumidifiers, fans, humidifiers and any air intake or exhaust that may be in the affected area. I have witnessed more than one facility that had an fungus/mold outbreak and did not properly clean their equipment (specifically dehumidifiers)…these folks all had recurring issues. Microscopic fungal spores will silently make their way into equipment and ravage a grow with reckless abandon and utter disregard for your crop. Cleaning the filters is NOT enough to wipe out the spores. I would recommend using a product like Pro Kure V (@alex.cushman) to completely kill the spores and prevent a future outbreak.


Airborne mold spores can be measured in a space using a Bio-pump. If we are talking about human health, the spore counts of the surrounding environment compared to the space is very important. If we are talking about plant health (in a grow space), the lower the airborne spore count the better. Like @Growernick said, ProKure can solve mold, fungi, spore, bacteria, and yeast problems. ProKure has several gas products that remedy these types of issues. The gas form can penetrate into small nooks and crannies like HVACs, duct work, lights, fans, etc… Very effective products.