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Associations & Affiliations

Are you part of a cannabis association, affiliation, or advocacy group? eg. NORML, The Hemp Industries Association, The National Associations of Cannabis Business or the National Cannabis Industry Association.

If so, tell us which associations you belong to, and your role.



Don’t know if anyone from this group is here…but the Association of Cannabis Professionals is a wonderful group here in the San Diego area. Great people and great events.


Thanks for the info!

Are you a part of the ACP in San Diego?


Hey Roxanne,

We are not members yet. The great thing about the ACP is that you do not have to be a member to attend events. I was able to go to one of their meeting and then their Holiday mixer. I wanted to check them out before joining, but after attending the two events, we will be joining shortly. They have a great collection of people throughout all levels of the industry…growers, dispensaries, labs, legal and politicians.


Great! I look forward to reaching out to them.

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