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Attack of the clones!

Clones of my first grow to see if I can do it better than Lucas did with the prequels!

Just finished my first grow. The recap…

It was from bag seeds a friend gave me.
Strains - Sweet Skunk (not Island), Royal Blue Mana x Durban
Grow space was corner of my basement bathroom.
White walls and silver reflector
2 were LST’d - 1 manifolded (biggest yield)
3 gallon plastic pots
General Hydroponics nutrients (did not pH)

1 - Bestva 600 (non-lensed version)
Yield - 89grams with a lot of larf from 3 plants
Koalas weren’t very dense

I guess I missed one bud that hermie’d because I found two seeds when trimming.

The current grow

Clones (cut before the flip) of the first crop were under 125w CLF while crop finished flower
Grow space is now a 3x3 tent instead white walls and reflectors.
bought a second Bestva 600watt (with focused lenses) as a stop gap veg light until I can build DIY light using either Samsung strip boards or Photo Boost Strips from PacLightCon if they get them back in stock while I have the cash.
Topped tree times so far, branching and going to try SCROG-ing this time
5 gallon cloth pot
Still using the GenHydro nutes but with a different feed schedule feeding with every watering (~2L per plant)

CalMg - 3ml per Gallon
FloraMicro - 5ml PG
FloraGro - 5ml PG
FloraBloom - 3ml PG

I’ll be adding Diamond Nectar, LQ KoolBloom, FloraBlend this week.

pH’d to 6.4 using white vinegar

I’m not married to GenHydro, but it’s where I started… VERY open to feedback on feeding!

I’d like to flip as soon as the canopy is set, but may have to wait for DIY light. Either way I’d like to flip before three more weeks.

Here are some pics from two weeks ago. I would have posted this journal earlier but I destroyed my laptop cable, so here we are…

Always feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…




These are from this morning. Filling out the canopy for the flip.


Healthy looking girlies keep up the good work;)


Beautiful! You’ve got lovely ladies there, my friend!


Thanks they are coming along nicely. Just did a lollipop trim and flipped them 12/12. Hope to harvest sometime around Halloweed! :laughing:


I just recently did exactly that also. We should be harvesting around the same time.


We’ll be harvest “buds”

(sorry, I can never resist a pun.)