*Attention* - GreenBroz Introduces Game Changing Technology in 'TheBox'

We’re proud to announce our partnership with PuroGen Botanics, allowing us to bring this game-changing technology to the cannabis space.

With ‘TheBOX™’ organic mold remediation technology, cultivators can revitalize crops that have been impacted by microbial or other bacteria, creating a foolproof solution to a difficult industry problem.

Additionally, cultivators can use TheBOX for terpene infusion or to re-hydrate flower that has become to dry and would otherwise be discarded or turned into an inferior product.

TheBOX™, Reactive Oxygen System (rO), provides an energy efficient, effective, terminal decontamination system that produces a zero ecological footprint while employing a proprietary Reactive Oxygen technology originally developed for transplant tissue more than a decade ago. (No radiation or harmful light rays)

The technology was optimized for cannabis using healthcare validation standards. TheBOX™ delivers a fresh, safe, and pure cannabis flower safe for any consumer.

You’ll want to hit us up ASAP as this is going to be a MUST HAVE for any size cannabis cultivation.

Learn more here: http://bit.ly/GreenBrozTheBox