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***attention oklahoma growers and all things cannabis...cannapro is here***

I’ve been an engineering consultant in the Oklahoma area for 15 years. Mears Engineers provides civil engineering services for residential, commercial, and municipal design from conception to concrete. I’ve designed everything from gas stations to water treatment plants. I have professional connections from the largest developers in the city to the mayors of the smallest towns. When cannabis became legal in Oklahoma, my boss and I wanted in. But finding a place to grow and people to trust was difficult. In my career I solve problems and this problem turned into a vision.

I’m starting a 40 acre industrial park with a commercial grow community on it (2,500 sf, 5,000sf and 10,000 sf units). I have 18-2.5 acre lots with the capacity to hold 72-10,000 sf grows. We will also have an onsite processing and testing facility. I wanna toy with the idea of allowing crop yield to go towards lease rent in a 2,500 sf space to allow cash strapped growers the opportunity to follow their dream. I also want to offer a possible franchise opportunity with CannaPro Industries. I wanna become the McDonald’s of weed. I have no problem building the park…but I need growers, processors, anything cannabis to design the largest cannabis think tank in the state.

CannaPro is Cannabis Done Professional. What that means is transitioning professionals in other industries to the cannabis industry. I want to use my connections and professional knowledge to bridge the gap and elevate the cannabis movement. I don’t just have a vision…I have a plan.

Aaron Mears, PE
CannaPro Industries, Inc.

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You guys know of some players who would be interested?

Mr Mears, I have sent your posting to some of my friends. I will let you know of what they say.
I also have networked with a big majority of local dispensarys.

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Hello Mr. Mears.
I have worked within both the Agricultural and Civil Engineering fields for many years.

My very first job as a young man was with Pioneer Genetics developing crop seed.
I spent years helping to develop hybrid seed for the agriculture industry.
In my twenties, I decided to make a career change and went to work for a small Land surveying company in Indiana.
While there I worked my way up to Party Chief. After several years there I was given an employment opportunity at a Surveying / Civil Engineering company in LasVegas, Nevada which enabled me to be involved in many great construction projects in the Southwestern United States.

In 2013 I decided that I wanted to be a legitimate player within the Cannabis Industry.
I went back to college and received a degree in Agricultural from Ivy Tech / Purdue in Indiana. I took several courses on Cannabis Cultivation from THC University, Denver and also received those certifications.
My recent certification is a (Drug Overview / Marijuana) from Indiana University School of Medicine.
I currently wear two hats. One as Facility Manager, the other as Director of Cultivation at Lenawee County Medical Cooperative in Jasper, Michigan; in which I have worked my way up from Cannabis Material handling and processing.

My current salary is 93k, but I am willing to take a reduction in salary to be a part of something new and exciting.
I would love to help implement your plans and believe that I would be an asset to your endeavors.
Please consider me for any employment opportunities.
Tye Andrews
ResumeTyeAndrewsAAS.pdf (84.9 KB)