***attention oklahoma growers and all things cannabis...cannapro is here***

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You guys know of some players who would be interested?

Mr Mears, I have sent your posting to some of my friends. I will let you know of what they say.
I also have networked with a big majority of local dispensarys.

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Hello Mr. Mears.
I have worked within both the Agricultural and Civil Engineering fields for many years.

My very first job as a young man was with Pioneer Genetics developing crop seed.
I spent years helping to develop hybrid seed for the agriculture industry.
In my twenties, I decided to make a career change and went to work for a small Land surveying company in Indiana.
While there I worked my way up to Party Chief. After several years there I was given an employment opportunity at a Surveying / Civil Engineering company in LasVegas, Nevada which enabled me to be involved in many great construction projects in the Southwestern United States.

In 2013 I decided that I wanted to be a legitimate player within the Cannabis Industry.
I went back to college and received a degree in Agricultural from Ivy Tech / Purdue in Indiana. I took several courses on Cannabis Cultivation from THC University, Denver and also received those certifications.
My recent certification is a (Drug Overview / Marijuana) from Indiana University School of Medicine.
I currently wear two hats. One as Facility Manager, the other as Director of Cultivation at Lenawee County Medical Cooperative in Jasper, Michigan; in which I have worked my way up from Cannabis Material handling and processing.

My current salary is 93k, but I am willing to take a reduction in salary to be a part of something new and exciting.
I would love to help implement your plans and believe that I would be an asset to your endeavors.
Please consider me for any employment opportunities.
Tye Andrews
ResumeTyeAndrewsAAS.pdf (84.9 KB)