Auto Blue cheese

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All looking good @antman92. Pity it did not get a little bigger, its just under a foot in height?

It still has some time left in the veg stage.i had a slow start but it seems to be making a fast come back

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Already in flower, but it will stretch a little.

Oh I really I didn’t know.i thought I had a another week left. So should I start my nutrients now then since its starting the preflower stage

Not to sure, what soil are you using? The leaves are already a good color, but maybe consider flushing out vegetative nutes first and then start your flower nutrients.

I’m using happy frog soil and I haven’t given her anything but water I did at first but had to had to much nutrients. But after the flush its just been water.

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this is what I plan on using

Happy frog is a complete soil, you should not need to add nutrients. The plant is looks like it might also be peaking with nutrients. I would hold on to any additional nutes and wait for signs on the plant itself.

I was under the impression I had only enough nutrients for the first couple weeks after that I was supposed to add when needed.i don’t know when to add them,and I don’t know what I’m supposed to give it

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Happy frog should contain enough nutrients for the entire lifecycle, and the plant looks well nourished as it is. I think just watch the plants growth and maybe consider a light nutrient water in week? Like I said, your plants are looking great, but dont waste nutrients as it will just wash out and go to waste.

which one.i was planning on giving it a little bit of nutrients every other feed.and its been getting water every other day.

Will more bud locations come in or is to late for any more to show up. I apologize for asking so many questions

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No worries at all Ant. You will see more sites appear as it stretches during flower.