Auto Burping Bucket with Steamer Basket Style Inserts


Getting ready for curing phase on my first grow.
I really like the thought of the auto-burping systems with the air pumps, check valves and timers.
But, most of what I’ve seen has been done with 5 gallon buckets.
I could probably do with just one bucket for this first grow, but the issue is that I have three different strains.

So I don’t want to jus toss them all in loose.

I was thinking, there must be some sort of way to organize layers in the bucket, and cheap bamboo steamer baskets seems like the perfect solution. That way I could fill up the bucket and keep strain separated.

Anyone see any issues with this? Will the wood of the baskets effect anything in the curing process?

I’d think that this would also increase airflow as opposed to just having all the loose bud in the bucket.

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I’m not quite sure… I wonder if they would all end up smelling the same…

Sounds like it would be cheaper to just get a couple more buckets, then you don’t have to worry about contamination smell or otherwise. Good question though.

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