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Auto flower grow vs photo grow Mammoth p tester

I’m going to go in reverse and then back again to stay current. Got a small sample of Mammoth p for the journal. Both plants grown together in the same room at the same time but each has it’s own gorilla tent. Both under hlg550 led and both grown in Earthboxes the build a soil way which is living soil, gro-kashi and EM1 and craft nutrients. I added the Mammoth p and

recharge from Scotty over at dude grows and off to the races.! First pic and second is the auto flower, third and fourth is photo period.we are it about day 55 on photo and day 70 for auto strains are mentioned later. (upload://3FftkPhLTmVjWZOyO0sC4NR9Rc2.jpeg) more of the mass medical strains goji pupil freebie . she’s a beautiful girl. Here’s more of the auto. Back left is blkmrr, rt of her is freebie from binary.up front are babies from chef Anna.


Beautiful plants!

Very Nice Indeed
Is your living soil self crafted or store bought?
I’m always interested in other people’s mixes.
What craft nutrients are you using or talking about?

Craft blend is every nutrient mixed up in a fertilizer PK sold by build a soil. That’s where I get the Malibu living soil as well. Here’s the goji pupil photo period at 55 days

her stalk is fat and her roots are like serpents.


They have good products from what I’ve read.

Am using FoxFarm Ocean- is there a time when I should add nutes? is yes when and what? Everything seems to be going along fine but looking forward to the bloom period to get bigger buds.
All of you folks have been great, a wealth of information, Thank you all!

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