Auto flower nutrient feeding

3 quick questions about feeding nutrients to autoflower plants , what week do I start and when do I stop , how much should I feed them ,& what nutrients are best? !!!


We have been using Advanced Nutrients regimen. When we see hairs growing out of the growths I switch from grow to bloom, otherwise the autos are the same. I’d recommend for indoor growers - feminized only. Much better control and better production. BTW, would like to try Goldleaf Products to see if it is comparable or better. Will get back on when I see.

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Sorry I need to preface everything that we grow hydro, not dirt or coco.

I’ve got one auto and it just looks weird.

It’s a BlueDream auto from seedsman, and two out of three never germinated. The one survivor started flowering at about 35 days with thick green leaves that curl at the top and point to the sky… Very little veg and only 25” tall.

Hi Josem, Careful with asking a “best” question, you will get lots of different answers. I have some autos in a tent, felt bag style containers with a soil mix which by now has 20 different things stirred into it. I use AN nutrients but at maybe 25% dilution of standard strength. Maybe less. Started with a little Grow then since autos move to bloom I use the Bloom stuff, still very diluted. As the cycle starts reaching the end, just water to flush.

I start after my seedlings are well established and use notes about once a week. Years back the instructions for autos said you did not need much notes so I’ve never pushed them on autos.

I also grow photos so I use the same nutes for both styles.

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