Auto Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Strawberry Pie, OG Kush, San Francisco Sour Dough and more (51°N.N.). Breeder

Plantation for breeding and seed propagation. Varieties that include:

Auto Girl Scout Cookies
Auto Gorilla Glue
Auto Orange Sherbet
Auto Original Amnesia
Auto Magnum F2
Auto San Francisco Sour Dough
Auto OG Kush
Auto Chemdogging
Auto Samsquanch OG
Auto Lemon Zkittle
Auto Neville Haze
Auto Strawberry Pie
Auto Gelato
Auto Purple Gorilla

There were enough seeds because I sowed thickly, otherwise the plants would have been even larger. In the photo, the largest are already to the waist.

Sowed not early, at the end of May. Complex mineral fertilizers Yara Mila and Carbamide. Polish pellets from slugs. This is what they looked like on June 25:


There’s some weed in them there weeds !! Looking good. They starting to bud up.



Seeds were selected from femenized plants. Therefore, some of the plants grew gigantic, apparently very productive, judging by the male plants.
Part grew - standard autoflowers. Which are quite resinous, looking like standard autoflowers, with a hazey sativa scent. Mostly green, but there are also red ones.
Removed all male plants. From undersized I will collect seeds. High - for meat.
To remove the men’s, of course, I had to work hard. Half a day has gone. There were few hermaphrodites. For all this set, I found about - 6 female plants with several male flowers. I don’t think it’s a lot. They were also carefully removed.


That giant phenotype that he left has already grown:


Very large bushes, up to 2 meters, at the same time with very early flowering. Most are nearly ready. And this is with late sowing! If you sow earlier, then you can already harvest at the end of August and huge bushes. And unproblematic in growth. Some buds are just huge, the bush is a solid cola.


Hi everybody! The report can be considered completed.
Many isolated phenotypes that are very different. The cones are almost all cut off. The most non-resinous, I threw it away, left it on the field. Mice will do their job


Some really nice plants! It’s a great landscape to grow on.