Auto Power Plant, Magnesia Haze, Giant But, Critical Jack. Out 2022 (51 ° N). 100+ plants. Ukraine

Sorry for my English…

Good evening, we are from Ukraine!!

In early May, he sowed 4 varieties of tall Avtiki - Power Plant, Magnesia Haze, Giant But, Critical Jack. Perhaps some of the so -called Superwo, we will check. 3 rows of 20 meters, and 4 rows of 10 meters. This species turned out to be a clearing. It was dug by a shovel manually. I do not use such a bad manner as germination, was sown directly into the ground. Spring was very wet and cold, therefore, was sown to the most small depth. Fertilizers Standard Mineral Complex Yara Mila, mixed with carbamide approximately 50/50. I usually do not use any watering in the meadows. This was a clearing in the forest. Many of the endedly had to do work on the cutting of huge Verboloz bushes (Kozi willow), also slept some trees. And he cut off his sword - his knee to the bone. It was a lot of lost time for treatment, well, I could not stand it for more than a week, it healed a little and again in the fields … In total, several hundred seeds were sown in this meadow, but I will see about a hundred, now he will consider hemorrhoids and take a lot of time, we will look later according to the result (chickens are counted in the fall). This happened because the huge dominance of slugs in this year, and they are huge, rarely saw such as large caterpillars. Apparently this contributed abnormally moist and prolonged spring. Even now I saw fresh cannabis beasted still green. Although before the shoots I scatter the Polish “hard” Bros. But for the insurance of two different manufacturers, they differ in appearance. I usually scatter them in excess of the norm, although there is enough a pinch according to the instructions. But there are so many slugs that they should be poured into several visits, but once.

To explosions and bombing, we are trying to grow something …


The plants don’t look like autoflowers, they’re pretty big.) However, these are autoflowers, already starting to bloom.

And this is how they look now:


I’m just in awe yo. Even with what your facing, your doing it. And very articulated. This is definitely not your first Journaling. What’s with the 51° n ? I hope that’s not your location. I’m eager to learn of your grow. Very!


Totally unreal. Looking forward to seeing this harvest. Welcome @northbulkorgani


Thank you…)


Have grown up. Unfortunately the photo was taken late in the evening. Not clearly visible:

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My conveyor growing) Where old plants did not take root, I sow young ones. When the first ripen, the young will grow up.


New photos: