Auto Skywalker Haze, Fat Pete's Cookies, Creeper, Skush, Black Valium, Bruce Banner, Neville Haze, Mazar, OG Kush, etc

I made another project, as always already (who follows my grow reports knows) at 51°N.
Planted a plantation, all autoflowers:

Auto Skywolker Haze

Auto Fat Pete’s Cookies

Auto Creeper

Auto Skush

Auto White Widow XXL

Auto Mazar

Auto Neville Haze

Auto Bruce Banner

Auto Pineapple Express

Auto OG Kush

Auto Strawberry Pie

Auto Gelato

Auto Girl Scout Cookies

Lowryder #2

Auto Pandora

Auto Black Valium

Auto Original Northern Lights

Auto AK-47

There were high hopes for Auto Skywalker Haze, they said that it can grow several meters high, but so far like everyone else. Maybe a little higher by 10 cm.

Like all plantations, standard care: complex mineral fertilizers Yara Mila, and Carbamide. Slug pellets. Not a single artificial, additional watering. Sowed in mid-May. The site is wet, and the spring was abnormally cold and wet, so it has not been possible to disperse this plantation so far. The earth was compressed, the plants were nailed a little. I’m working on it.

As already traditionally), I had to do the cutting down, huge goat willow bushes, and even trees. More than once grass mowing and hoeing have been carried out. You understand that in itself it didn’t look like that, that’s all) There would have been knee-deep weeds. Cannabis would stick out only tops.


Now they already look like this. Unfortunately the photo was taken late in the evening. Not clearly visible.


You got some nice christmas trees going there !!



Dang, BUDdy, those be looking fine, fine, FINE!! GREAT JOB!!


I will try