Auto vs photo

I see many people list every minute detail of their grow, and then list autoflower. By that point, you’ve worked more than auto needs. There are situations where autoflower is the answer.

What is autoflower? It’s your fav strain crossed with ruderalis. Ruderalis is the third and extremely low thc species of cannabis, that flowers independent of light input.

Autoflower has a lifespan of 7ish weeks. It switches from vegetation to flower automatically, when the plant recognizes it is sexually mature.

Pros of autoflower; timely and reliably provide medicine and is a great intro to cannabis.
Cons; pruning techniques, training, and problem correction take time and potentially stress your plant. If you stress your plant too much while she’s in flower, she will go hermaphrodite on you.

This picture is my re-veg’d Mystery Meat. I’ve been working on a nitro deficiency for about two weeks. That is roughly half the veg of autoflower. If I were under the gun like that, I’d be tempted to do too much. That’s the death of reefer. Doin too much.


maybe :slight_smile: there is indeed

just not for me :wink: grew them four times twice inside and twice outside

I will stick with photo plants, but to each his own

all the best and grow well



Auto’s have come a long way, but still a bit sceptic on what they offer. They are also very finicky plants, but they do provide a useful purpose to stoners/patients in need. Planning on a popping a couple Dutch Passion seeds this week.


I’m with you,just not my thing, I’d much rather have control of veg/flower periods to get a good harvest with good THC tried them a time or 2, I enjoy photos


I dont grow or own mudblood genes. Had a five pack i let my girl experiment with. I was attempting inclusiveness. Im about as anti-auto as u can get. And fuck headband too while we r at it.
*******if u propigate headband, let that ugly kid go extinct