Automate propagation and veg stages with AutoPot

Hey all, first post in vendor corner and thought it’d be good to throw some info out there on using the AutoPot AQUAvalve to automate your propagation and veg stages.

The AQUAvalve is the “blue box” you can see in the images…

For the clone stage we offer the easy2Propagate. This is a 4’ x 2’ unit with an 8” deep dome. Clones and seedlings are raised on a 1” deep layer of capillary matting made from coir and latex, a “CocoMat". Our AQUAvalve fills the propagator tray with water or nutrient solution to 3/4” and the matting wicks the water up to the clones, gently irrigating them from underneath. This means no more manual watering at the clone stage. Trays of prop cubes are placed onto a root control sheet which sits on top of the CocoMat. The cubes make contact with the surface and remain perfectly irrigated. The humidity dome has 4 large vents to allow you to harden off before removing the dome completely.

Once the clones are transplanted on into 3” or 4” rock wool cubes or small pots (call it the pre-veg stage) they can be placed into larger trays, we offer 4x4 or 4x2 flat-based trays. Again, an AQUAvalve takes care of irrigation duties and is placed in the tray with CocoMats and a root control sheet. Once the plants are rooted in the cubes or pots, they can then be potted up into the final pot. We offer 2.2gal, 3.9gal and 6.6gal solid plastic pots, plus a soon-to-be-released 5gal SmartPot option.

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Once the plants are in the final pots they can be placed in flat-based trays and should be watered from above for a period of around 5-14 days, depending on pot size, this ensures that there is a healthy amount of roots at the base of the pots . Once rooted out they are then ready to be irrigated from underneath by the AQUAvalve and could be moved straight into the final position in the flower room (if you’re running a short veg period) or vegged until they reach the desired size.

Let me know if you have any questions!



They’re so cute!

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Hey Dan!

I am working down in Southern Arizona with the Pasqua Yaqui tribe to help get a sustainable greenhouse jamming with several systems enclosed for tribal members to use for outreach, teaching sustainable cultivation practices (including at least three hydroponic systems), food production and youth farming programs. The individual with whom I am working mentioned he was interested in integrating an Autopot system into the mix. Of course, Dan, I immediately thought of you!

Any interest in teaming up together on a project to help a local community?

Thanks in advance!


Way to go Nick, you are on the right track! Our Native American Brothers need all of the help that we can provide as decent humans. Lets pull together so we can make a better world for all of our citizens.


Nice looking plants Dan.


Thanks David! I might offer the tribe some Growpito to try for their flood/drain applications if you are down :wink:


Thanks @GrowpitoDavid

Hey @Growernick this sounds like a great initiative. Can you shoot some info to me on the crop type and number of plants. Thanks!


Thanks for getting back to me.

I’m not 100% certain the exact number of plants, however I believe the number of flowering sites available in each given system will be the determinant as to the how many plants will be able to be grown. As for crop type, I think the tribe will be rotating crops according to the seasons. The purpose of this particular greenhouse will be for education so there will always be something in rotation.


Cool. Our system is modular, so I can recommend something based on plant numbers or square footage of the growing area. Let me know :slight_smile:

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